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How to build a very simple outdoor box turtle cage

    You will need to buy some cement bricks from your favorite building supply store. They are very inexpensive. You will also need to buy some chicken wire or other appropriate sized fencing. You will also need some 1" x 1" beams and some "L" braces as shown in the below images.

    Start off by locating a place in your yard that will be both exposed to sunlight and to shade during the day. It helps if you find a flat area to work with. Start placing your bricks down:


    Stack the bricks at least 2 layers high in a square or rectangular shape like this:


    The lid will be constructed by measuring 4 peices of the 1" x 1" boards to fit the outside of the brick enclosure we have build. You can attach the ends of each board with an "L" shaped bracket. Attach your screen or chicken wire to the boards with a staple gun:


    Here is what the final cage should look like. This is just a very inexpensive and easy to build box turtle cage. I have used it to house 3 box turtles for the past 2 years. I have even overwintered my box turtles in this cage by pouring in a nice thick pile of leaves for them to hide under. Box turtles are definitely much happier and healthier when living in outdoor enclosures.


    I place a few rocks and sticks in the cage to make it more natural looking. I also allow the grass to grow in the cage without trimming. You may need to provide shade if your cage does not get enough. Always make sure that your box turtles have daily access to both sunlight and shade from their enclosure. Feed and water them regularly. I like to fill up a bucket of water and pour it in the enclosure every couple of days. If you do provide a permanent water source, make sure that it is built in a way where the turtles will not get stuck or drown in it.


    Here are a couple of pictures of a happy box turtle in its outdoor enclosure!