Gray Banded Kingsnake

Dryden Gray Banded Kingsnake
Wild caught gray banded kingsnake founder animal. Collected in 1997.

We are currently raising a small number of gray banded kingsnakes from the north Dryden locale. This group originated from a wild-caught male that I collected way back in 1997. It was my first gray banded kingsnake that I wild collected in Texas. As is typical, there is a great story behind finding this snake at the very end of my first trip to hunt alterna in Texas. I will never forget it. This animal was caught as an adult and went on to live another 18 years in captivity.

female dryden gray banded kingsnake
Female Dryden Gray Banded Kingsnake

I currently have one pair of animals from this locale and descendants from this original male. I occasionally have offspring available in the spring once they begin feeding normally on pinky mice.

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