Desert Canyon Reptiles

We have been actively searching for herps in the field for years. I started out catching lizards in southern Arizona in the early 80's when I was growing up. I also spent several years in Kansas and spent my summers catching collared lizards, box turtles, and ringneck snakes. In more recent years, we have spent considerable amounts of time herping throughout Arizona. We love herping for rosy boas and green ratsnakes in particular. I have herped common areas such as Bagdad and the Chiricauhuas, to less popular areas in barren mountains in western Arizona. We are also regulars in West Texas. The area is absolutely amazing! In short, we love to herp! We have large quantities of photographs we have taken over the years. As we migrate them over to digital media, we will make more photos available.

Southern California, Spring 2002

Western Arizona, Spring 2003

West Texas, Miscellaneous Pictures

New Mexico, Summer 2001

Pinaleno Mountains, Miscellaneous

Western Arizona, Spring ~2000