Desert Canyon Reptiles

New Mexico, Summer of 2001

 Here is a habitat shot of one of the areas where we herped in Southwest New Mexico:

 We found several very striking rattlesnakes on this trip. Here is one of them:

 Here is another sample habitat shot:

 Here is a road killed glossy snake, just a representational sample of the glossy snakes of the area:

 Here is another live glossy snake, but not a full body shot:

 This rattlesnake was found dead on road in Arizona heading towards New Mexico east of Safford. The color of the snake was a light salmon color:

 We enjoy the habitat just as much as the animals that inhabit them. Here is another habitat shot of the area:

 Here is another:

 In Southwest New Mexico, the summer brings heavy monsoon rains, as shown in this photo:

 Immediately after the downpour, we found several box turtles crossing dirt roads:

 Another desert resident that we found several of, was the beautiful desert kingsnake:

 The rains also brought out the desert toads:

 Here is another interesting rattlesnake that we came across. It was very faded in color:

 Here are a few other rattlesnakes we came across:

 And another:

 One of our goals on the trip was to find a Texas Lyre Snake. We planned on hunting in the area around Hillsboro, New Mexico. Here are a few habitat shots:

 Here is another habitat shot around Hillsboro:

 Hillsboro ended up being too dry to find many snakes while we were on our trip. We did however, see this vinegaroon:

 The worst experience of the whole trip was running into a deer on the highway. It just ran right out in front of the car with no way to avoid it. I swerved to the side, but still hit the deer:

 This is what it did to our vehicle (thank goodness it was a rental!):

 We did find a few gopher snakes while in New Mexico, Here is one:

 Here is another gopher we found:

 Further North, we were extremely dissapointed to find this road kill banded rock rattlesnake:

 Here is a blackheaded snake we found on a very humid night:

 We also found a few lizards while in New Mexico. Here is a horned lizard we came across as the sun was setting:

 As we stopped on a roadside at night, this leopard lizard ran right up into the wheels of our car:

 Here is a close up shot of the lizard:

 All in all, it was an excellent trip that we really look forward to doing again. In the future, we would like to search for milksnakes, transpecos ratsnakes, and hognose snakes.