Desert Canyon Reptiles

Southern California, Spring of 2002

 Here is a habitat shot of one of the areas where we herped in Southern California:

 Ok, who are we really kidding, this is what it really looks like in Southern California:

 We saw plenty of snakes while on this trip, despite it being exceptionally cool for the time of year we went. We found this glossy snake while it was in the low 60's near Anza Borrego:

 Here is a glossy snake that we found in White Water Canyon:

 The Banded Geckoes seem to be unusually yellow from White Water Canyon:

 One of our favorite desert snakes are leaf nosed snakes. Here is a small one found in White Water Canyon:

 You cannot hunt for long in the deserts of the southwest without finding longnose snakes:

 One of the species that we had hoped to find on the trip was the California Lyre Snake. We were surprised at how many we found on this trip. Here is one of them:

 Here we have proof that kingsnakes do eat other snakes. This is a road-kill california kingsnake with a small shovelnose snake in its belly:

 Here is one of the Red Diamond Rattlesnakes that we found while on the trip:

 Here is a cute little shovelnose:

 Finally, on our last night of the trip, just before calling it quits, we found our main goal of the trip:

 All in all, it was an excellent trip despite the cold weather. There are lots of hunters in White Water Canyon. Here is one of the little tricks that we came across:

 From a distance, it really looks like a kingsnake crawling onto the road!