Desert Canyon Reptiles

We ship out all animals via FedEx overnight service. We have all of the necessary paperwork to ship reptiles legitimately in this manner.

Our shipping boxes are all insulated with 3/4" thick styrofoam boards to protect our reptiles from extreme weather conditions.

In addition to the insulated boxes, we include hot and cold packs when necessary. Your shipment is safe with us.

Terms and Conditions

All sales are subject to these terms and conditions. We accept cash, money orders and paypal as our accepted methods of payment. All shipments must be pre-paid. Animals are sold on a first come first serve basis unless other arrangements have been made. All animals are sold healthy, properly sexed, and feeding unless other arrangements have been made. Standard shipping fees for a single shipment is $35. Large orders may cost more. We ship out all shipments of animals on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. We will NOT ship out animals on any other day as a carrier delay on any other day of the week can seriously affect the safe delivery of your shipment. All prices on this site are subject to change without notice. Animals can be returned within 3 days for a full refund. If there is nothing wrong with the health of the snake, you must pay the shipping charges to return the animal. If an animal has been improperly sexed, the animal may be returned for another of the correct sex if one is available; otherwise, we will refund your payment. Shipping carriers will not cover the loss of a reptile in shipment. In such cases, it is both our loss and yours. We will refund half of the shipping charge and half of the price of the animal(s). If you do not want to take this risk, please add $6.95 to the price of the shipment and we will insure the shipment ourselves and refund both the price of the animals and the price of the shipping in the event of any mishaps. Proof of animals that have arrived as DOA is required. This can be in the form of a photograph and/or the deceased animal returned to us. It is your responsibility to know how to properly care for your animals. We provide care sheets for your benefit and assistance but the responsibility for your animals care is yours. If you cannot properly care for an animal, don't purchase it. All animals, including snakes, can bite. We are not responsible for any damages that a reptile may cause. Please click here to read a document on how to protect yourself and others from salmonella. If you have any questions or concerns with any animals that you purchase from us, please let us know, most likely we have had the same problem or concern in the past and can help. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to any person for any reason. Just remember, we are trying to be fair and have never had a bad complaint to date. We have never had an animal lost in a shipment. If you do not agree with any of our terms, let us know, maybe you have a better idea on how to protect us both.