Salmon Snow Corn Snake


Salmon Snow Corn Snake FemaleSalmon Snow Corn Snake Male

Add the albino gene to the gorgeous JMG line of Coral Ghost Corn Snakes, and you get a snake that is called a Salmon Snow Corn Snake. This morph bred through other lineages is sometimes referred to as a Coral Snow Corn Snake. Very gorgeous animals. There is variation in color between the males and the females, just as in the Coral Ghost Corn snakes. As adults they grow into a spectacularly colored variety of snow corns.

Please read on our Coral Ghost page to find out more about the JMG lineage, and the history and genetic information about our Salmon Snow corn snakes.

Hatchlings $100-$150

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Here is a clutch that hatched in July of 2015 with both Coral Ghosts and Salmon Snows:

See another short video showing hatchling Salmon Snow Corns Snakes.

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